Partners and projects

At Paral·lel 62 we promote socio-cultural projects in the field of music and beyond. To achieve this, we coordinate with organisations, facilities and associations that work in nearby neighbourhoods and others that are committed to the social and solidarity economy. The entire collaboration network is shown below.


Cooking with Abarka

The professional kitchen inside the building, which had been out of use for years, is now being operated non-exclusively by Abarka. The cooperative uses gastronomy to create job opportunities for migrants and ethic minorities. It provides a catering service and specific workshops.

Recording studio with xamfrà

The Raval Music and Stage Centre is putting new energy into the recording studio on floor -1 in Paral·lel 62. They carry out two of their projects there: Ràdio-Xamfrà and the Rhymes and Musical Production workshop. The former is a new mouthpiece for local young people to energise activities and groups in the Raval area and share information about them. The latter involves creating music with Xamfrà students while working on autonomy and self-management.

Tot Raval Foundation

Fundació Tot Raval is a foundation made up of around fifty organisations, associations, educational centres, cultural institutions and people linked to the Raval area that work in a network to improve social cohesion, coexistence and quality of life in the neighbourhood. Paral·lel 62 is also part of it as an active member of the Board of Trustees.

Camp de San Pau

This is a community project that wants to breathe life into the Sant Pau Gardens and the surrounding area to connect the neighbourhood more closely with the largest green space in Raval. Together with all of the organisations and facilities located around the gardens, we promote culture, leisure and sport at Camp de Sant Pau.

IG: @campdesantpau

La Tremenda

A communication agency that specialises in the cultural and social sectors. They have provided press services to Paral·lel 62, as well as web design, content generation, and support for the signage and implementation of the venue’s corporate brand.


A gastronomic services cooperative. They manage the bars at Paral·lel 62, which serve a mix of industrial products and local social economy options.


The cooperative, non-profit box office that we use for online sale of tickets for concerts and activities promoted by Paral·lel 62.


This cooperative working in the field of culture, education and social transformation focuses on cultural innovation projects. They help Paral·lel 62 design its training project.

Hidden Track

Hidden Track is an independent record label and management agency that puts the focus on the music and the artist. It is also an umbrella for other labels and artists who want to self-publish. They help Paral·lel 62 design and carry out creation support programmes.


This is a public, community initiative, promoted jointly by institutions and the Impulsem cooperative. It puts into practice new forms of resource use and ownership, while promoting cooperation, sharing and reuse. They provide Paral·lel 62 with equipment loading and unloading services and other specific tasks.

Suara Cooperativa

This third-sector company provides additional cleaning services for the venue.