Alceu Valença and Orquestra Ouro Preto

Brazilian music icon Alceu Valença fuses the rich northeastern tradition with contemporary elements, captivating global audiences with hits like “Anunciação” and “Tropicana.” With an unmistakable voice and magnetic stage presence, he has been recognized for his ability to capture the cultural essence of Brazil. His legacy as a Manguebeat pioneer and his continued innovation have made him a unique cultural ambassador, securing his place among the greats of contemporary music.

The collaboration between the Pernambuco singer-songwriter and the Minas Gerais orchestra will take place in four countries at the beginning of 2025 and Spain is on the list. From the tropical and wild manifestations of Pernambuco to the baroque soul of Minas Gerais, the music of Alceu Valença meets the Ouro Preto Orchestra in the acclaimed Valencianas concert. The show, which gives a chamber treatment to the composer’s themes, returns to Europe in early 2025.

The Valencianas European Tour represents an opportunity to celebrate the popular and scholarly nature of Brazilian art in an international context, using music as a bridge between countries and cultures.

Collaborator: Brazil-Catalunya Chamber of Commerce.

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