AnnaOtta feat. La.Fumero: Such is Life

On November 16, 2023, within the framework of the “Music and AI Afternoon” event organized by MusicDataUPC, EinESS and EllESMusic, AnnaOtta’s concert with Lucía Fumero awaits you.

European improvised electronic music duo AnnaOtta, consisting of Irene Novoa (ES) and Jenny Thiele (DE), will present their third release, “Such is life”. They will also have the participation of the talented Catalan pianist, Lucia Fumero. AnnaOtta immerses herself in a sonic journey that reflects on the melancholy, absurdity and humor of living abroad, in the Netherlands, as she enters adulthood. An experience shared by these three millennial expatriates who defy stereotypes and expectations.

AnnaOtta’s music is truly unique, as it is composed exclusively of her voices, which are manipulated electronically. All the sounds you’ll hear on “Such is life” come from live processed vocals and a synthesizer. This gives the album an intriguing mix of electronic and organic textures, similar to their previous works, “What If” and “This Wasn’t Real.” The album will take you on an emotional journey, with expressive and powerful songs that alternate with moments of darkness and charm. Their music, influenced by the trip-hop of the 90s in which they grew up, always has an experimental touch that will surprise you. The lyrics are inspired by the words of the Turkish-European writer Elif Shafak

This concert is part of the MUSIC AND AI AFTERNOON event MusicData UPC, EinESS and EllESmusic If you want to be part of this musical experience, make sure you get your ticket!

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