Arnau Folch

Arnau Folch presents with the band the songs from his first musical adventure with Descobert (self-published and produced by Eloi Sayrach). It will be the first concert of the Al Descobert Tour, where you can enjoy the stories that the singer-songwriter tells us live.

Eloi Sayrach and PD Marxosa will join us, very close projects that will delight us with good music and a great desire to party.

Eloi Sayrach is the producer of Descobert and leads a musical project that has been gaining ground, reaching the final of Sona9 and winning the Joventut 2022 award. After launching “jardí de flors”, he is carrying out his first tour, Aixopluc Tour .

PD Marxosa emerges from the political leisure spaces of Vila de Gràcia. With a feminist perspective and the commitment to inclusive music, they make an ode to friendship committed to music, fighting and dancing all without prejudice.

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