Balkan Paradise Orchestra

Since they began their journey in early 2015 in Barcelona, Balkan Paradise Orchestra has shown, in each and every performance, their potential as an unusual and ground-breaking group. Composed by wind and percussion players, the Balkan Paradise Orchestra (aka BPO) is a breath of fresh air for the music panorama of their country. 

Despite taking as a starting point the sounds of Balkan roots, their compositions mix different rhythms and traditions worldwide, resulting in an eclectic and festive music. BPO has a surprising capacity to generate empathy with the public, bringing joy and desire to dance in every corner of the world.

This 2023 BPO premieres “Catarsis”, its new show. “Catarsis” symbolizes the moment of emotional release through music, movement and the party feeling that BPO transmits in their concerts. The energy shared between the band and the audience makes this catharsis possible; a unique and powerful show, whose choreographic staging blends perfectly with their original music proposal. In “Catarsis” you will be able to listen to their own songs and some new versions with very diverse sound influences, such as Balkan, Latin or electronic music.

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