Barnasants 2024: Luar Na Lubre – XX Encrucillada

The quintessential group of Galician folk music, presents the songs from their latest work, XX Encrucillada (Warner 2023), a compilation of some of the emblematic songs from their extensive repertoire, with the participation of different voices from the group.

Luar Na Lubre, “moonlight in the sacred forest of the Celts”, was founded in Coruña almost 40 years ago, with the vocation of interpreting, developing and disseminating the music and culture of Galicia. A repertoire based on roots music, from respect and with a perspective of modernity.

The work includes, among others, the song “Lo Long Ando de Santiago”, composed and recorded by the Cuban singer-songwriter Pablo Milanés, and inspired by Celtic music and the love for his wife Nancy Pérez. The line-up: Bieito Romero (bagpipes, accordion, wheel viola), Irma Macías (voice), Nuria Naya (violin), Patxi Bermúdez (bodhran, drum), Pedro Valero (acoustic guitar), Xavier Ferreiro (Latin percussion, effects) , Xan Cerqueiro (flutes) and Brais Maceiras (accordion).

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