Briela Ojeda

Briela Ojeda is a singer, designer, composer and guitarist. She was born in England and grew up in Colombia. Since 2014 she has shared her songs and her way of generating an intrusive catharsis with her guitar, her curse words, her broken voice and an energy that runs through mysticism, confrontation and liberation. It is very difficult to define her music in a genre, but she collects colors, rhythms and melodies from Andean music; Her electric guitar runs through surf riffs, rock, folk arpeggios, bossa nova, ballads, Latin American music and her lyrics generate the medicinal atmosphere of an Icarus.

Andariega she is, she weaves and expands her music searching for Roots and questioning Borders between territories. She arrives to Spain with her equipment, with a robust format that inhabits an amalgamation of percussion, bass, panpipes and electric guitar frequencies.

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