Cala Vento + Austin TV

Since they began composing together in 2014, Joan and Aleix have released thirty-eight songs in various formats (singles, LPs, EPs, etc.). Their music up to now has been characterized by immediacy, strength, and the emotional intensity of someone who passionately lives and is overly affected by the doubts of a generation without a future. However, Cala Vento has the ability to convey optimism and joy from an apparently fatalistic standpoint.

After several tours throughout Spain and Mexico, the band has achieved a strong connection with a cross-generational audience that shares the same doubts and anxieties discussed in their songs.

They will be presenting their new album, Casa Linda. Following the “do it yourself” ideology faithfully, this time they have recorded part of the new work in their own studio, which they built themselves during the pandemic. This production is directed by the duo and involves Martin Glover “Youth,” Emili Bosch, and Santi García as producers, with Jordi Mora serving as the mixing technician. Casa Linda is an album that heralds another significant step in the musical career of Aleix and Joan, two non-conformist musicians who always strive to innovate in all processes and ways of doing things.

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