Piñata Music Series: Alex Serra + Toti Dub + La Chica

Eclecticism, spirituality and telluric spell come together in this double bill, in which Alex Serra from Barcelona and La Chica from Franco-Venezuela show their non-transferable way of filtering music from Latin America and Africa, in direct connection with nature and a genuine creative instinct and free.

Alex Serra

“Music doesn’t belong to anyone,” says a female voice in “In The Real World” (2019), the cut that opened and gave the title to Alex Serra’s first album, and that’s something he himself knows very well after having explored, with only his backpack for company, much of Latin America and South Africa for four years. This musician from Barcelona is a true globetrotter, an explorer of sounds and identities, who knows how to blend the essences of soul, reggae, psychedelia, bossa nova, afropop or dub like few others into a mix brimming with good vibes. Perfectly integrated into Barcelona’s urban and mixed scene, Alex Serra is a multidisciplinary and voracious musician (music, dance, visuals, poetry), of

The girl

La Chica is the creative name of Sophie Fustec, a Franco-Venezuelan artist who has always declared herself as much a lover of Radiohead or the Beatles as she is of Ravel or Debussy. The album La Loba (2020) was a serious warning of everything it could offer: female empowerment, stark spirituality and an almost shamanic spell in songs like “Agua”, “La Loba” or “Drink”, imbued with a minimalism that stands out. the essential, the pure and hard talent that knows no borders, neither geographical nor stylistic, and that augurs a torrential live performance.

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