Comic Sans + Boys Kissing Boys + Fricandones DJ Set

Comic Sans are the greatest exponent of the peninsular midwest emo. After their powerful first studio album, Éramos Felices y No Lo Sabimos, “los comic” bring us a four-song EP that is not only content to follow their characteristic sound, but pushes towards modernity and self-actualization in all areas. correct aspects.

The San Sebastian natives will be in Barcelona to party and present the EP Ojalá Fuera Mi Cumpleaños on the same day as the premiere and with some luxury guests: Boys Kissing Boys (“cult group” according to La Opinión de Murcia, “midwest emo mestizo” according to themselves) they will play songs from their first album, No Esta Mal, from their EP Un Tropiezo and maybe, just maybe, they will also play some unreleased songs from their next album.

Fricandones will close the night with a DJ set and will make us dance until we can’t anymore or until the venue closes, whichever comes first.

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