Cruïlla Hivern: Delaporte + Los Eclipses

Five years after releasing Uno, the EP that placed them in the center of the national indie-electronic scene with songs like “Un jardín” or “Cariñito”, this Italian-Spanish duet is now starting a new musical stage, with a new protagonism within this same scene but also within their own music.

The label of emergent group has already become too small for Delaporte, currently considered protagonists of the Spanish alternative, so they have decided to turn live into the new protagonist of their musical project. Come and check it out next February 23rd at the Sala Paral·lel 62!

Sandra and Sergio will close the first edition of Cruïlla Hivern with a concert that will put in value the music created at the same time as it is shown, thus betting on a greater connection with their audience. Even so, they will not leave behind works like Como Anoche or Las Montañas, as well as the new album they are already working on.

Less romanticism and more honesty; less repetitions and more surprises, less me ahogo en tu pendiente and more yo hago lo que quiero cuando quiera con quien quiera; less noise and more Delaporte!

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