Cruïlla Primavera: Ginestà

Between the consolidated pop-rock and the emerging urban scene, the Serrasolsas brothers found la clariana (the clearing), the space that Catalan music, inevitably, had reserved for them. The duo has become a sospir de mar (sea sigh) with Mediterranean flavor accompanying us en cada paraula (in every word) since they released Neix in 2018 until their latest release, “Em bategues”.

With the guitarist Andrea Puig and the drummer and producer Xicu on stage, Ginestà have toured the Catalan-speaking territory to the rhythm of big hits like “Estimar-te com la terra” or “L’Eva i la Jana”, which are already part of the collective songbook.

They have accumulated tardes bones, lluites quotidianes and cançons a mig desfer (good afternoons, daily struggles and songs half undone) to turn them into a new album that will be released and that, far from being what everyone expects, promises to become a big step forward in the career of these brothers from Sant Andreu. Enjoy them live at the Cruïlla Primavera 2024 as if it were a videoclip!

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