Culture Against Barbarism: solidarity gala with Palestine

CULTURE AGAINST BARBARIE arises from the need to be able to provide a response from the world of culture to the genocide that the state of Israel commits against the Palestinian people. We cannot look aside in the face of the repression and extermination against the People of Palestine. All profits will go to associative projects in Palestine. For a free and peaceful Palestine!

With the participation of Queralt Lahoz, Said Muti, Natalia Abu-Sharar, Las Karamba, Sara Socas, Zoo DJ set, Las Bajas Pasiones, Ana Brenes, Rossina Castelli, Check Point Clown.

Presented by Alguer Miquel and Iván Prado.


CULTURE AGAINST BARBARIE is a gala organized by Pallasos en Rebeldia, Say it Loud and Propaganda pel Fet, with the collaboration of Prou Complicitat, Comunitat Palestinian de Catalunya, No Callarem and Paral·lel 62.

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