Devila Crew x P62

Devila Crew, the local women’s and techno collective, debuts at CLUB P62 with “TERRITORIO NOT DEAD RAVE” #2, a series of parties throughout 2024 with the aim of raising funds to save their great festival project: Territory.

Devila Crew is committed to a diverse and egalitarian local and underground scene, where you can be free as you like. A well-kept and magical space where we would most like to go dancing. Devila Crew is a world we created with our own hands and all our love where music, people and freedom matter.

Come dance with us, we create it with you!

Andrømeda: DJ, producer and FOLD London resident. Her sets are rooted in the old school rave spirit, with influences from acid, electro, EBM, industrial and Detroit techno.

Devila: Resident DJ and producer of the Devila Crew collective. She likes to create atmospheres of freedom, connection, lots of energy and dance, mixing different styles and sounds of techno, acid, electro, groove and house.

Andrë: DJ, producer. In his sets you can hear sounds from Progressive House, Melodic Techno & Techno through all its variants.

VISUALS: The Blue Morphoo

Come early to enjoy each artist… We open doors at 8:30 p.m. #DC fans to the first 20 attendees!

Devila Crew does not tolerate any type of abuse, racism, discrimination, transphobia or sexism… you will be banished

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