CLUBS, Art a la Pista: Diversorium. Living arts and coexistence space

Diversorium aims to create a party space open to all bodies whose format combines talk, cabaret, performance, music and dance with moments of pause and enjoyment where to learn and unlearn the multiple possibilities of being and being able to be with others. Its purpose is to provide a comfortable, brave, queer and cryp-friendly space that encourages “cultivating together a community that allows for the risk of meeting someone outside one’s own boundaries” (bell hooks). 

On December 17th there will be cabaret and music with the participation of Bob Pop (master of ceremony), Costa Badia, Sendoa Quijada, among others + DJ set by NEA ONNIM, an Afro-queer collective established in Barcelona that plays black music such as Dancehall, Reggaeton, Afrobeats, Amapiano, Salsa, Trap, House, Dembow and much more! IF YOU BLACK AND YOU QUEER, DANCE TILL’ YOUR BODY QUIT.


CLUBS, Art a la pista is an exhibition circuit that will turn dance floors into temporary hosts for artistic works and installations, with the objective of offering a different proposition for the venues and generating new synergies between them and artists, galleries, museums, public and private foundations and other institutions.


Additional Information:

  • Paral·lel 62 has ramp access and an elevator to the Club on the first floor.
  • Spanish Sign Language interpretation provided by the Inclusivxs association.
  • No intermittent or strobe lights.
  • Rest area with tables, armchairs, and soft lighting.
  • Gender-neutral bathrooms.
  • Visual documentation by Antonio Gagliano.
  • Anti-harassment, anti-discrimination protocol.
  • Brave, queer, and crip-friendly space.
  • Free entry for personal assistants/caregivers.
  • Water bowls for service dogs.”

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