Duquende and Pedro “el Granaíno”

La Magdalena Flamenco is proud to present two of the most outstanding artists on the current flamenco scene in a concert that promises to be unsurpassed. Duquende and Pedro el Granaíno will join forces in a show that will take the audience on an exciting musical journey through the fascinating world of flamenco. Duquende, whose vocal quality is a marvel in itself, along with her ability to convey the deepest essence of the genre, will share the stage with Pedro el Granaíno, recognized for his impressive voice and unmatched style.

The fusion of these two giants of flamenco on a single stage guarantees an exceptional experience for all enthusiasts of this art. Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in a night full of music and emotions in the very heart of flamenco. Secure your seats and prepare for an evening to remember!

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