El Baile Todo

“El Baile Todo – CarnaFunk de Ellas” goes beyond being a simple party; it is a platform that celebrates peripheral Brazilian culture through the collaboration of Brazilian artists in Europe. In February, Club P62 will witness a carnival with an exclusively female Line Up, featuring the authentic Brazilian style of DJs such as Cigarra Sound Sister, Ami B, and Pati Sol. Alongside the music, we will enjoy performances by artists like Amanda Araújo – Under Travesti Ground, Jonathan Eu mesmo Lírico, Ivy la Vie, and the Voguing Queen, Cacao Díaz. We invite you to join this unique celebration, full of joy and Brazilian vibes. Let’s celebrate together!

This event, aimed at the BLACK/BIPOC/QUEER/MIGRANT/LGBTQIA+/BODY POSITIVE community, is committed to creating a safe space, free from discrimination and gender violence, racism, xenophobia, homophobia, ageism, fatphobia, and ableism. Consent is the key to our revolution! NO MEANS NO! If you witness or experience any type of abuse, please seek out a member of our team.

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