El rostit de Charlie Pee

It’s been 10 years since Charlie Pee first stepped onto a stage to do Stand-Up, and he wants to celebrate it with the comedy format he loves the most in the world: a Roast (Rostit in Catalan). That’s why he has invited his best friends from both inside and outside of the comedy world, family members, and some surprises to pay him the tribute he deserves: to be insulted in the form of jokes in front of his entire audience.

It will be a unique and unrepeatable show. You know the deal: anyone who enters the Roast will stay for the Roast.

Guests: Ignasi Taltavull | Iggy Rubín | Yunez Chaib | Carolina Iglesias and Laura Màrquez | Johnny Pee and Ariadna Oski | Adri Romeo | Dani Amor and Oriol Pérez | Manel Vidal

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