Enrico Brignano: MA… DIAMOCI DEL TU!

Show in italian

The renowned Italian comedian Enrico Brignano will perform in Barcelona on April 24.

Enrico Brignano presents his new show “MA… DIAMOCI DEL TU!”. It is a show in which the comedian wants to get closer to his audience, and to do so he starts this show being somewhat formal, he wants to create a trust that is not superficial, but substantial. And he is a man of substance, you can see it just by looking at him! He also adds a “BUT” that resets everything, to dissolve social, economic or age distances.

In the show he talks about unprecedented aspects of his profession and his personal story that becomes a paradigm for everyone. For the first time he talks about disappointments, false starts, all the “NO’s” that he has collected in his professional life… and other things.

Assisted on stage by maestro Andrea Perrozzi, he plays his role with the collaboration of two “annoying” but very precious presences: Pasquale Bertucci and Michele Marra.

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