Eugenio Bennato e Taranta Power

“Una nave di libri’, the book ship, will sail the Mediterranean from Italy, with on board the singer-songwriter and his group Eugenio Bennato Taranta Power, who will disembark at the port of Barcelona accompanied by writers and special guests for the only Spanish stage of their European tour “Vento Popolare.”

Eugenio Bennato is one of the founders, in the seventies, of the prestigious Nuova Compagnia di Canto Popolare, a musical company inspired by southern singers. In 1998, he founded the Taranta Power movement, which brought together the great masters of ethnic music from various southern regions. The movement, which immediately captivated tens of thousands of young people, began with the release of two LPs that became historic, and which saw the great masters of the popular style enter a recording studio for the first time.

In 2002, the album “Che il Mediterraneo sia!” was released, inspired by the ancient rhythm of the taranta.

In 2007, the album titled “Sponda sud” was released, under the homonymous record label, composed entirely of unpublished songs.

His latest work is called “Vento popolare”.

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