Facu Díaz & Miguel Maldonado: ¡Por fin juntos!

They have never ceased to be together. The name of this show makes no sense whatsoever, but that’s how comedians Facu Díaz and Miguel Maldonado have decided to baptize it as they travel the country from end to end, loaded with jokes and quips to delight their audience.

Once again, as always, with one eye on current events and the other on humor just for the sake of it. Laughing without much knowledge but with a lot of conviction. A formula that has propelled them out of precariousness and into the bourgeoisie at a rapid pace. Committed to a life of luxury but without forgetting where they come from, they want to celebrate their 10-year career as a duo with a new show featuring their sketches and monologues. Nothing more and nothing less than what people expect from them. They will do what they know, without taking too many risks—don’t expect fireworks or backflips.

Whoever wants to step out of their comfort zone can do so because they won’t.

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