Voll-Damm Festival Jazz Barcelona: Clara Peya

Another long-awaited debut at Festival de Jazz de Barcelona. Taking jazz as an incontestable reference, Clara Peya has created her own universe far from any classification. He presents his new album, Corsé, which is inspired by the violence of perfection with 13 songs performed by 13 singers such as, among others, Sílvia Pérez Cruz, Salvador Sobral, Albert Pla, Ferran Palau and Leo Rizzi. “One of the most invisible and aggressive violences that exists is the one that revolves around the concept of perfection. This album is a betrayal of everything we understand as perfection, an ODA to opportunity and transformation. An attempt to remove the fissure of good and evil, of error”, she herself has written about her new creation. Visceral music, vibrant, committed and with a message, nonconformist. Everything that we like so much in jazz.

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