Festival Real 360º: Adriano Galante amb Magalí Sare + Amaia Miranda + Magalí Datzira

‘TODA UNA ALEGRÍA’ (Halley Records, 2023) is the debut solo album of Adriano Galante, founder and lead singer of the band Seward. Featuring stellar collaborations with artists such as Silvia Pérez Cruz, Ana Tijoux, Maria Arnal, Rita Payés, Refree, Tarta Relena, Lucía Fumero, Pol Battle, and Júlia Colom, among others, the album, co-produced with the sisters Judit and Meritxell Neddermann and Arnau Figueres, explores the various ways in which we can achieve joy: from the simple act of swimming in the sea to changing jobs, and from learning something from someone unintentionally to recognizing friendship or being close to someone you love.

After publishing ‘Mediante,’ the first book of a poetry and short story collection he has been writing for nearly two decades, thanks to Arrebato Libros (Kae Tempest, Saul Williams, All, Javier Gallego…), Adriano is embarking on his solo music career after over 12 years with Seward. He has a multidisciplinary career as an author and creator that has already taken its first steps with the performance lecture ‘Entrar a viure’ at Teatre Lliure in 2021, the show ‘Nosaltres, Foc’ alongside Pol Guasch and Mireia Calafell, and the work ‘Demoledora’ at the Auditori de Barcelona in 2022.

In live performances, Adriano is joined by various like-minded artists and musicians who play a variety of instruments, turning the live version of the album into a new sonic and scenic adventure. On this occasion, Magalí Sare will sing and play percussion, flute, and keyboards; Amaia Miranda will sing and play guitars; and Magalí Datzira will sing and play double bass, synthesizers, and electric bass.

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