Giancarlo Arena

Giancarlo Arena is an Italian artist who has spent most of his life in Barcelona. Since the release of his first record Hay gente que duerme (2017), which showed his ease in mixing the music of his Mediterranean roots with his more pop influences, he has not stopped growing artistically, giving shape to a proposal every once more risky, mature and personal.

Regular collaborator of great artists, such as Silvia Pérez Cruz, Guillem Roma, Muerdo, Marina Tuset or his own brother, Alessio Arena, Giancarlo has managed to win the recognition of the Catalan artistic scene and the affection of a ever-widening loyal audience.

Now all this trajectory materializes in his long-awaited first full-length, Lembranza (Capsula Records, 2024), a set of songs that better than ever combines his folk roots with his more contemporary and experimental concerns.

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