Gorka Urbizu + Mar Pujol

Doors 21 h

Mar Pujol 22 h

Gorka Urbizu 22:45 h


‘Hasiera Bat’ (A Beginning) is the first album that Gorka Urbizu signs under his own name. After a 25-year journey leading Berri Txarrak, the Navarrese musician is committed to beauty and rawness, and offers us a journey to the very heart of the song. Fleeing any temptation to add layers and layers of sound, the author chooses the opposite route: there seems to be a premise throughout the album of stripping and emptying the songs until they are left in their minimum expression. Beautiful. Raw. Pure That is what makes them resistant like rocks, fragile like a leaf in the wind.

Urbizu points out that “we are blinded by sight” and in this album, published by surprise without prior notice or any advance, he invites us to listen to these ten songs with all five senses. Stop and listen. Open those doors that only open from the inside. Get away from the madding crowd. Say only what is strictly necessary. Try to achieve the beauty of the simple, without fear of what may arise.

An old village theater from 1904 somewhere in Lleida and an analog eight-track; These are the basic tools with which the sessions of musicians dedicated to the task of recording something everlasting have been recorded. Stripping away all prejudice and rejecting any label, Urbizu dares this time to create from another place: taking care of the apparent simplicity of the themes like gold in cloth and emptying them until he finds the bone. The truth. A truth.

Produced in a sober and elegant way by Jordi Matas, this is an album that, in its nakedness, offers many edges to move us. Made with and from love. It’s about not giving up early. Reach. It has already arrived. And this is just a beginning.

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