Grec Festival de Barcelona 2023: Los Voluble (Jaleo is a crime)

Somewhere between a rave and a flamenco party, the Jiménez brothers create an on-stage show that fues flamenco, electronic music, live cinema and a critical vision of the times we live in.

With digital tools and using a large screen as an accomplice, the artists Pedro and Benito Jiménez create shows that are both a sound and an audiovisual experience. Flamenco improvisation and the purity of electronic sounds are remixed in montages, with a discourse that combines critical culture and political remix video. Issues such as capitalism, the power of religion, climate change, fundamental rights and the use of humour as a political tool are all part of the show.

Los Voluble is a collective that has been experimenting with diverse audiovisual experimentation and sound activism projects, using a variety of formats, since 1996. Digital folklore and analogue instruments are combined in shows that use audiovisual improvisation, video remixes and rhythms that range from flamenco and rap to noise, electoral ads, advertising and domestic films.

A production of Los Voluble

This show has benefited from the Ágora Residencies, sponsored by the Junta de Andalucía, and has been supported by the Flamenco Biennial.

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