GREC Festival: Kae Tempest + CLARAGUILAR

Produced by the Grec 2024 Festival de Barcelona and Univers Paral·lel. 

Spoken word / Concert

Double evening with the most personal British voice in hip-hop and spoken word, as well as poetry and theatre, along with an avant-garde composer and performing artist based in Barcelona. Some people focus their talents on a single discipline, while others spread them across a variety of art forms. Kae Tempest and CLARAGUILAR are clearly the latter. An evening that will make sparks fly.

On one hand, Tempest comes to the stage as one of the most recognisable and respected voices in hip-hop and spoken word in English, a voice that extends to their innovative poetry, plays and stories. They have collaborated with the Royal Shakespeare Company on spoken word, further linking them to the world of performance, as well as the plays they have presented, some of which have won them awards at the Edinburgh Festival. In 2022 they released their latest album, The Line Is a Curve, but since then they’ve also released singles such as Nice Idea, Love Harder and Geronimo Blues.

On the other hand, CLARAGUILAR, the music project of Clara Aguilar Falguera, a composer and performing artist who has worked with dance and movement collectives and choreographers such as Marcos Morau, Lisi Estarás, Marta Pazos and Hotel Escènic. She is a member of the VVAA collective and, as CLARAGUILAR, makes electronic music using unsettling melodies, orchestral samplers and synthesisers. After Sounds of an imaginated Arca in 2022, an immersive concert about hybrids and new species in a post-apocalyptic world, she has released Figura in 2024, the new album that she previewed live at Sónar 2023 and which will unfold on the stage of Parallel 62.

Produced by the Grec 2024 Festival de Barcelona and Univers Paral·lel. 

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