Heartbreak Club

Show in Russian.

First time in Barcelona an interactive play Heartbreak Club starring theater and film actors Varvara Shmykova and Nikita Elenev. Reflections on the essence of love with references to modern and classic works of fiction and poetry.

A frank and honest conversation between actors and audience about love, in which every viewer can see a part of themselves. Varvara Shmykova and Nikita Elenev, together with the guests of the Heartbreak Club, will go through the joys and pains of human relationships, inspired by great texts about love. Perhaps this evening we will be able to get closer to the answer to the main question: What is love?

The performance features texts by Michel Houellebecq, James Joyce, Veronica Tushnova, Robert Rozhdestvensky, Nikolai Zabolotsky, Ivan Bunin, Alexander Ostrovsky, Vera Polozkova and other authors.

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