Interpol – 20th anniversary “Antics”

Almost three decades after their formation, Interpol have already survived everything. The paranoid post 9/11 New York that saw them emerge as the rock saviours of the 21st century, their unforgettable debut album which is linked to the best memories of an entire generation, the post-punk revival they kicked off, the revival of the revival, their imitators, the side projects of their members and even themselves. At this point, Interpol have dodged so many bullets that they have earned the right to make their story theirs and no one else’s. But above all, Paul Banks, Daniel Kessler and Sam Fogarino have earned the right to celebrate that story whenever and however they want to, because that’s what they built it for.

And an occasion as special as the 20th anniversary of Antics, their second album, certainly deserves a special celebration. Interpol, so used to the festival setting, will leave their natural habitat to commemorate that anthems like Evil, Slow Hands and C’mere will celebrate their 20th anniversary on 24th September at Paral-lel 62. It will be a new chapter in their long idyll with Barcelona, although it will be like none other.

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