Joe Henry

In his more than 25-year career, Joe Henry has left a unique and indelible mark on American popular music. A tall storyteller, sometimes dark and devastating, sometimes optimistic, who has covered a wide range of American musical styles, from rock to blues to jazz. Henry has collaborated with notable artists such as T Bone Burnett, Daniel Lanois, Van Dyke Parks and Don Cherry.

Winning producer of 3 Grammy Awards, he has worked for Bonnie Raiit, Hugh Laurie, Lisa Hannigan or Elvis Costello, among many others, also bringing his talent to audiovisuals. Henry has written music for the films ‘Jesus’ Son’, ‘Embarrassing Mess’ and ‘Motherhood’, also producing themes for ‘I’m Not There’. His song “Stars” appeared in the final credits of the fourth season of ‘Six Feet Under’.

On January 27 of this year, his sixteenth solo album, ‘All The Eye Can See’, saw the light of day. A work for which he has been accompanied by more than 20 musicians, among them trusted people such as his son Levon Henry (saxophone and clarinet), David Piltch (Bass), Patrick Warren (piano and keyboards) or John Smith (acoustic guitar ). An intimate, emotional and surprisingly calm and beautiful album, with soulful lyrics framed by an instrumental prelude and prologue.

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