Voll-Damm Festival de Jazz de Barcelona: John Scofield

Let’s confess it: We like solos. They seem to us to be an incredible tour de force not only for the artist, but also for the public, an audience – ours, modesty aside – that we consider intelligent, curious and capable of sitting in a room for more than an hour immersed in the music of a creator as special as John Scofield.

After almost six decades of career, the guitarist from Ohio has decided to explore this special format that includes his compositions, but also excursions into jazz standards and the world of rock and country. “I’ve put a lot of thought into how I can present a solo guitar evening that represents my passions and sensibilities,” says Scofield himself, adding: “I’ve been preparing for almost a year, working my brain in new directions, and I look forward to the shows with excitement and some trepidation. I hope you like to participate in this journey with me. » Of course.

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