Johnny Garso

Johnny Garso will be presenting his new album Espada y Rosa hasta que muera in what will be the first tour of the Zaragoza based artist singing live the songs from his latest work in Spanish.

We are faced with an album of 13 tracks loaded with emotions, distortion and a modern touch, which results in a current sound with a deep aroma of nostalgia. In it we can see from the most intimate facet of him, with guitar and naked voice, to the visceral and demanding expression of the entire band.

But where Johnny truly shows his essence, passion, energy and message, he is on stage, with an overwhelming live performance that leaves no one indifferent.

Faced with a panorama where new references are needed, Johnny Garso is here to lead a young, powerful and lasting scene in our country.

The Espada y Rosa Tour is a celebration of the emotional and the frenetic. Sharpen your swords and do not prick yourselves with the roses.

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