Jorge Glem + Sam Reider

Physical ticket sales ONLY in Pittier (C. de los Castillejos, 252)

Call +34 678 055 250/ 694465234 – info at @rafagacultural

“A transcendent work blossomed from a friendship. Neither Sam Reider nor Jorge Glem imagined that night they met at a musicians’ party in a small New York apartment, that years later they would be presenting in album form an exciting experiment that captivates the heart while inviting to the body to dance, a treatise on multiculturalism called Brooklyn-Cumaná, nominated this year for the Latin Grammy for best instrumental album.

Broadly speaking, the 11 songs that make up the album – which has been released in physical format – are fueled by bluegrass and the folk of the United States embodied by the Californian accordionist, but they are also nourished by the energy of the Venezuelan merengue, the joropo. and other rhythms, represented by the cuatrista cumanés. But both feet are never there or here. Neither Jorge nor Sam are satisfied with their own. The two visit each other’s environment, soaking in it. This is not a timid approach; He is a real splash of curious artists. “Gerardo Guarache Ocque.

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