The internationally renowned music producer, composer, and DJ KYBBA is set to electrify Europe with his highly anticipated tour. Known for his seamless blend of genres, combining dancehall, Latin, and Afro influences, KYBBA brings his unique musical energy to the heart of Europe’s nightlife scene.

KYBBA’s rise to fame has been meteoric. His music has garnered over 100 million streams on major platforms, with a dedicated fan base exceeding one million subscribers on his YouTube channel, Basshall Movement. Known for their infectious energy and spirit of inclusion, his live sets have exploded online, amassing millions of views and shares, cementing his status as a global music phenomenon.

Born in Salento, Italy, and now based in Amsterdam, KYBBA’s music is deeply influenced by the rich dancehall and Latin culture of his hometown, combined with diverse international elements. His ability to create a unique sound that transcends borders and unites people is at the heart of his musical vision.

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