Diablada Vol.2: La Delio Valdez + Carmen y Maria + Guacamayo Djs + Lady Avocado

DIABLADA is more than a party; it’s an encounter, ritual, and revelation. A communion and a way to celebrate ourselves! The explosive blend of Latin American groove with the Mediterranean.

LA DELIO VALDEZ: Hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, La Delio Valdez is a cumbia orchestra created in 2009. They’ve been crafting their unique artistic proposal, interpreting cumbia as the common language that runs through all of Latin America in musical form.

With over 16 musicians on stage, La Delio Valdez embraces the grand orchestral tradition of the continent. Their cooperative organization pays homage to the National Tango Orchestras of the 1950s. On stage, their distinction and theatricality evoke the spirit of the great Caribbean orchestras, where dance and a powerful, overwhelming sound take center stage.

Their music blends elements from Andean tradition, salsa, rock, jazz, and reggae, creating a style that is both traditional and modern—a truly international and contemporary sound reflecting the mixed identities of the region.

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