Lia Kai (end of tour)

Lia Kali discovered music at home and at the age of 16 she toured all the jams in Barcelona with her bicycle. It is at the jams where she establishes a relationship with many musicians and artists from the Barcelona scene and where she conversed with reggae, jazz, soul and rap. Since then, she has never stopped singing.

With the pandemic and already fed up with singing the songs of other artists, she started writing her own songs and discovered the personal healing that the process implies. This is how Lia Kali begins to compose the soundtrack of her day-to-day falls and during 2022 she publishes her first singles, which quickly go viral and accumulate millions of streams and views on platforms and on TikTok.

In March 2023 her highly anticipated first album named Contra Todo Pronóstico arrives, a debut that has legendary producers such as Acción Sanchez and rising values such as Toni Anzis, Yeke Boy or Slowbou and the vocal collaborations of J Abecia, Elane, Zatu Rey or the highly respected Colombian rapper Nanpa Básico.

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