Luka Šulić

In 2022, Luka Šulić stepped away from 2Cellos’ intense touring schedule to make room for creativity and focus on his family life; He recently welcomed his fourth child. For his new album LIFE, Luka has returned to his compositional roots to create music with an evocative sound world, enriched with harmonies, soaring strings and a cello line of transcendent beauty.

Luka’s musical foundation was built on original composition and an innate ability for instrumental arrangements; This album is his debut as a composer and arranger. From a very young age he began to develop works for the cello, he has always been attracted to the rich and expressive sound world of a string orchestra, a sound capable of taking the listener to emotional depth. The themes on this album come from ideas that have been forming little by little over many years and that, when given space to nurture, have evolved to become Luka’s musical representation of LIFE.

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