Marc Sarrats: Vaques Flaques

Drought, inflation, pandemic, ultra-right, precariousness, conspiranoia, journalism… Society is being hit by crises and it seems that the only way out is in individualism or drugs, or the sum of the two things , that is, making craft beer.

Marc Sarrats is not the superhero the world deserves, or perhaps the one it needs, but he is the one we have found and he comes to propose ways to face the Apocalypse, or much worse, everything that happens while it is not it arrives.

Duration of the show: 70 minutes

Marc Sarrats is a Catalan screenwriter and comedian. He is a member of El Soterrani, the leading exponent of the new Catalan stand-up scene, and a collaborator on the programs Matina Codina on RAC 105 and Està passant on TV3.

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