Mas i Mas Festival: José James presents 1978

José James, one of the most prominent singers in contemporary jazz and a prominent member of the so-called “hip-hop generation,” has released acclaimed albums such as “The Dreamer” (2008), his debut; “For All We Know” (2010), a duet with pianist Jeff Neve; “No Beginning, No End” (2012), his debut with Blue Note; and “Yesterday I Had The Blues” (2015), a tribute to Billie Holiday.

At Mas i Mas 2024, he will present his latest album, “1978” (2024), which includes tracks like “38th & Chicago,” inspired by the figure of George Floyd and dedicated to the fight against racism. Indeed, in 2015 he initiated the “Peace Power Change” project with Robert Glasper, Keyon Harold, and other figures. With “1978,” José James embarks on a new stylistic phase, exploring his Latin roots and paying homage to 1960s music with a blend of jazz, funk, soul, Latin, and R&B. As if that weren’t enough, he is joined by two figures from the Afro-Latin scene: Pedrito Martínez and Marcus Machado, who will be present at this concert. José James’ new project was a success at the last edition of the Winter Festival in New York.

Jose James vocals, guitars · Jharis Yokley drums · Daniel Winshall bass · Chad Selph keys

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