Muerdo proclaims himself as the representative of the new singer-songwriter movement. A composer, poet, and singer supported from the beginning by artists of the caliber of Luis Eduardo Aute and Amparo Sánchez, he has performed at some of the best festivals in Spain and Latin America (Cosquin Rock, Colombia al Parque, Feria de las Flores, Lollapalooza, Vive Latino, Pirineos Sur, La Mar de Músicas, PortAmérica…) and has filled iconic venues such as the Teatro Gran Rex in Buenos Aires, the Teatro Caupolicán in Chile, and the Teatro Colón in Bogotá.

An artist with an overwhelming personality and profound sensitivity, he has over half a million monthly listeners on Spotify alone. He is known for his good taste in blending sounds from different parts of the world, his transparency and sincerity in expressing his experiences and his vision of everything around him in his lyrics.

After nearly 15 years of career and having toured more than 19 countries, he presents his sixth studio album, embarking on a new stage that highlights his maturity following everything he has learned during his prolific musical journey.

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