No Soy Tu Gitana

‘No soy tu gitana’ is a monologue in which the racist, classist and patriarchal imaginary that gypsy women have suffered for more than 600 years until today is deconstructed. In the words of Silvia Agüero: “I am not this gypsy constructed by the minds of the powerful: men, couples, Catholics… through the laws that have persecuted our identity and the fiction promoted by the dominant culture. I am neither Preciosa nor Carmen nor Esmeralda nor Zemfira. I’m also not the gypsy they show you through the teleporqueria”.

Based on this stage proposal, we propose a space for dialogue with actresses from racialized groups to reflect on: what are the consequences in the lives of gypsy and racialized women of these imaginaries reproduced through the performing arts, literature, painting and cinema? What limits and potentialities do we find in the ability to transform these imaginaries through artistic creation? How important should self-representation and the critical review of history be to break with racist imaginaries in the art world?

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