Nueva Vulcano + Soulside

20 years have passed since Nueva Vulcano‘s first concert at Sidecar in Barcelona and since the release of their first album, Principal Primera. So let this concert serve to celebrate the present and whatever ephemeris you want. Little given to nostalgia, the group will focus on the interpretation of the songs from Ensayo (BCore Disc and La Castanya, 2020) a record that they still feel alive.

Soulside put out two fabulous foundational albums on Dischord Records before it all blew up in the nineties. Then three of them moved to New York to continue changing lives live by founding Girls Against Boys. In 2022 they reunite with singer Bobby Sullivan and publish A Brief Moment in the Sun. In May they will tour Europe with Scream and come to Barcelona for the first time, bringing Nueva Vulcano back together for the occasion.

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