Obeses is a Catalan music group formed in 2010 in Tona, Osona. The band is led by the charismatic singer and composer Arnau Tordera, accompanied by Jaume Coll on bass, Maiol Montané on drums and Arnau Burdó on keyboards. Obeses stands out for its ability to fuse different musical styles, from rock and pop to classical music, passing through metal and folk. This combination of genres is reflected in their music, which is characterized by a great richness of sound and witty and poetic lyrics, creating a unique and eclectic listening experience.

The group has managed to consolidate a solid fan base thanks to their live energy and their ability to constantly surprise with innovative proposals. Their performances are distinguished by theatrical staging and virtuoso vocal and instrumental interpretation. In addition, Obeses stand out for their commitment to creativity and quality in all their productions, which has made them one of the most original and appreciated bands on the Catalan musical scene. His music, unclassifiable within a single genre, reflects a harmonious blend of various influences, creating a sound universe of its own that attracts diverse audiences.

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