Pantomima Full, hecho a mano

You may have been watching Pantomima Full in digital format for years, but you, if you are reading a review it is because you are already old, you know perfectly well that handmade things have a special value. That where the artisanal is, let the industrial be removed. You already pay three and a half euros for spelled bread, two fifty for a freshly ground specialty coffee and ten for a cocktail whose added value is that the waiter wears suspenders and the glass is a fish. We think it’s worth paying a little to see these kids making their jokes manually, without editing, without cuts, just you and them. Pure product. Going to see us also fits into the image you want to give of yourself. Get ripped off by us too.

“Pantomima Full, hecho a mano” is Pantomima Full’s third show. It won’t be so bad if people have eaten the first one and then the second. It offers more of the same, this is how it is, we have found a formula that works for us and we are going to make the most of it. It’s what anyone would do. Therefore, if you feel like spending an hour and a half watching monologues on the topics of our videos and sketches with our characters, get a ticket. Other things are worth more and you think about them less. In your life have you read a review of jeans.

Thank you.

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