Say it Loud Meets Piñata: La Delio Valdez

Cumbia was born on the Colombian Caribbean coast, but since then it has emerged as the quintessential Latin American musical genre. The most elastic, the most adaptable, the most durable. In each South American country it gained its own importance, and Argentina is no exception. La Delio Valdez is a cumbia group formed in 2009 in Buenos Aires, which offers a torrential live show, accredited with more than seven albums and the Gardel Award for best tropical music album precisely for the sixth of them, Sonido subtropical (2019). Their latest work, which is actually an extraordinary introduction for anyone who wants to know what their live performances are, is La gira y la serenata (2023), a live recording in which this cooperative of musicians demonstrates their expertise in combining cumbias from popular songbook with other styles linked to the Andean tradition of northwest Argentina but also to reggae, rock, salsa or jazz. And, of course, an invitation to the ball.

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