Primavera a la Ciutat: Les Savy Fav + Sweeping Promises + Balming Tiger + Sandra Monfort

Doors 18 h

Sandra Monfort 19:00 h

Balming Tiger 19:50 h

Sweeping Promises 21:10 h

Les Savy Fav 22:30 h

Les Savy Fav (US)

It’s impossible to experience their concerts passively. If you’re at one, everything that happens above and below the stage will push you to actively join the Les Savy Fav experience: you’ll scream, raise your fist, join the pogo that will form right behind you (or, at least, you’ll run away to avoid it) or hug that nice stranger who is singing along with you.

Sweeping Promises (US)

This professional and sentimental couple met in 2008, when their paths kept crossing in various bands until they decided to dedicate themselves exclusively to their project. Since then, they have shaped their music around a fierce do-it-yourself philosophy, combining insistent post punk basslines with melodies inspired by new wave icons like Blondie and lyrics that border on the surreal.

Balming Tiger (KR)

Don’t just refer to them as “a band”. Balming Tiger call themselves a multinational alternative K-pop collective, featuring singer-songwriters, rappers and DJs, but also directors and editors. In other words, they are a malleable entity that can veer towards hip-hop, dabble in funk and play heavy guitars. A mix that has already earned them an illustrious fan: RM from BTS, with whom they collaborate in SEXY NUKIM.

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