Primavera a la Ciutat: Él Mató a un Policía Motorizado + Angélica García + Xebi SF

18:30 h Doors

19:30 h Xebi SF

20:30h Angélica García

21:50 h Él Mató a un Policía Motorizado

El Mató a un Policía Motorizado (AR)

EMAUPM stopped being just the big alternative band from Argentina years ago to become the ambassadors of Latin American rock all over the world. How do you achieve that? By relying on lyrics of honest and accurate lyricism and wrapping them in a way of understanding noisy-melodious rock (or post-punk, or synth-pop) that, as the years go by and technological barbarism gains ground, can only veer towards exceptionality.

Angélica García (US)

Californian Angélica García is the possessor of a chameleon-like voice that is good for absolutely everything. Look for her visit to the Tiny Desk offices and you’ll see: it’s just over ten minutes of performance but it gives her time to move you, to get close to her Mexican-Salvadoran roots, to flirt with rap, to sound retro and contemporary at the same time…

Xebi SF (ES)

Biographies say that Xebi Salvatella is from Girona (in fact, he runs the Neu! festival there), but he clearly comes from wonderland. The songs from this stage of his career, as can be appreciated on his latest album Hola elefante, are full of effects, distortions and alterations of reality to reveal that what we understand as a normal world is anything but normal.

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