Primavera a la Ciutat: American Football + Militarie Gun + Silica Gel + Las Petunias

Doors 19:00 h

Las Petunias 20:00 h

Silica Gel 21:00 h

Militarie Gun 22:05h

American Football 23:35 h

American Football (US)

Why are they at Primavera Sound? Because seven years without American Football being at Primavera Sound is a long time. Someone once said that Never Meant is the Stairway to Heaven of midwestern emo rock.

Militarie Gun (US)

They’re so melodic, that in addition to the sunny hardcore crowd (you can tell they’re from L.A.), Militaire Gun also appeal to college rock, power pop and just plain pop fans. Ian Shelton is known to be a fan of Paul McCartney and Robert Pollard.

Silica Gel (KR)

Despite their short existence, Silica Gel have already had two lives, the second of which began after Pandemic and positioned them as free agents of Korean indie cultivating a sound to fuel all types of epic fantasies.

Las Petunias (ES)

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