Ritmo Nativo

Ritmo Nativo is an event that brings together traditional music with electronic music, creating new genres such as: Folktrònica, Downtempo and Organic House. A space where tradition and modernity coexist in total harmony. Line up:

Kvoox: Narrator of sound stories at the service of collective awakening, with more than 10 years of experience, coming from Latin America and currently based in France. He uses musical language as a guide for introspection towards the self-exploration of the being through pulsating and hypnotic movement, generating dynamic energy for the pleasure and joy of feeling alive when dancing on the dance floor. Founder and curator of Plurpura records, a music label based in Mexico City, he is also a producer with releases of original music and remixes plus mixtapes on global labels on 4 continents. He has performed at parties, clubs and festivals in 6 countries and more than 18 cities, such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Tulum, Paris to name a few, he will perform for the first time in Barcelona for Ritmo Nativo.

TMLS_MT: Italian DJ & producer based in Valencia, Spain. His artistic journey takes a long musical path. He is co-founder of Mamboz Records, a multicultural label focused on roots music. He is also resident at the “La Tropicalera” & “Sacra” parties.

Sonikgroove: Originally from Bogota and based in Barcelona, Sonikgroove is a music producer and DJ whose sound blends together organic elements of Afro-Latin folklore with electronic music, creating timeless and exotic soundscapes. In his sets, he breaks borders, taking the listener on an unpredictable journey around the world with his delicate way of linking cultures through music. Playing with a wide and colourful variety of genres, he spontaneously shapes the dance floor mood into a vibrant celebration. Throughout his career he has performed in various venues, clubs, cultural centers and festivals around Europe and Latin America, highlighting festivals such as: Tribal Gathering (Panama), Borgo Universo (Italy) and Own Spirit (Spain).

Palosanto: Is an explorer of world music sounds and its many electronic facets. Dj, producer, and founder of label Mamboz Records, In his sets he mixes traditional, roots and folk music from every corner of the globe with electronic beats.

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