Ritmo Nativo x Visionari

Ritmo Nativo is an event that brings together traditional music with electronic music, creating new genres such as: Folktrònica, Downtempo and Organic House. A space where tradition and modernity coexist in total harmony.

This month the Ritmo Nativo family joins creative forces with Visionari.


Etna:  a visionary artist named after the Sicilian volcano, has made a mark in electronic music by blending natural sounds with analog instruments, creating a unique “tribal electronic” style. Etna’s discography includes notable releases such as Annunaki for Crew Love in 2019 and recent EPs like Pianeta Terra under Cosmic Awakenings. His diverse career spans performances at major festivals, collaborations with fashion brands, and sound design for TV shows. Currently based in Ibiza, Etna focuses on music production, drawing inspiration from the island’s nature.

Sonikgroove: Originally from Bogota and based in Barcelona, Sonikgroove is a music producer and DJ whose sound blends together organic elements of Afro-Latin folklore with electronic music, creating timeless and exotic soundscapes. In his sets, he breaks borders, taking the listener on an unpredictable journey around the world with his delicate way of linking cultures through music. Playing with a wide and colourful variety of genres, he spontaneously shapes the dance floor mood into a vibrant celebration.

PaloSanto: Is an explorer of world music sounds and its many electronic facets. DJ, producer, and founder of label Mamboz Records, in his sets he mixes traditional, roots and folk music from every corner of the globe with electronic beats.

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